Where To Recruit


Now that you’ve established who you’re looking for and you know how to attract them. Where should you be spreading the word that you are recruiting team members?

The act of recruiting people is a major commitment of time and money, and you’re taking a risk by bringing on new team member(s). It costs money to use recruiting sites like LinkedIn, and of course it costs money to pay and provide benefits for additional employees. It also costs you or your team’s time to find, interview, train, and manage additional team members. Check out some common ways you can go about spreading the word to qualified candidates.

Some ways you can spread the word to qualified candidates:

  • Official Website - This is where your customers and fans may first find you and your story, so you can easily a page for job postings.

  • Social Media Platforms - Platforms like Facebook or Twitter is where your followers can see and apply to a position  or to spread the word to their network as well.

  • Professional Job Sites - Consider LinkedIn, Handshake, or Monster for companies and Idealist for non-profit or social good organizations.

  • From Referrals - Think about your personal network and from your friends, advisers, and colleagues’ networks. Don’t forget about the Skysthelimit.org’s network!

  • At Events - Having a booth at college job fairs, conferences for your trade or industry, roadshows, etc. are good ways to meet lots of qualified people who are already interested in your type of business or organization.