Website Basics

These are some basic things you should definitely include in your website.

  • High-quality photos and other forms of media to grab your customers’ attention like videos, infographics, timelines, etc.

  • Newsworthy mentions and awards, like if customers love you on Yelp or if you were mentioned in a local newspaper

  • Facts and metrics of your business so far like the number of customers who keep coming back or the numbers of products you’ve already sold

  • Claim your domain for free on Squarespace Domain and create a Google business domain and email so you can present a professional image. Contact information like business email and business phone number so customers can get in touch with you if they have questions.

  • Links to other social media profiles like Facebook and Twitter.

Website Tips

As you’re fleshing out your website with content and media, it’s important to keep some key tips in mind. Simple is in vogue, so you might save yourself time and energy if you focus on your core offerings and work towards a first version of a website that is elegant and straightforward.

  1. Write for every audience - don’t make customers use a dictionary to understand what you’re trying to say

  2. Keep your theme and color scheme consistent - don’t go overboard with too many pictures or designs and make sure the character of your company shines through

  3. Test the page across different devices - keep mobile and tablet users in mind

  4. Ask around for input -find out what your friends or even customers think about your website to get fresh perspectives on what works and what needs tweaking

  5. Know your flow - understand data like how many people are visiting your site and what pages people spend the most time on so you can focus your energy wisely