Volunteer Orientation

Learning Resources

Our research-backed Guides, Tools, and curated External Resources are created for you to use as-needed in your support of one or more Skysthelimit.org Entrepreneur. Our Entrepreneurs also have access to these resources, but it volunteers should be familiar enough to recommend them when appropriate.

Resource Guides

Guides are informational resources that explain how to do something. Some of our guides relate to our program, while others cover more general business concepts. We even have industry specific guides that offer advice on specific types of businesses.


While Guides tell you how to do something, tools show you how. Our tools are interactive and created to help our entrepreneurs complete specific steps in starting or growing their business. Most of our Tools are in the form of Google Slides, so that entrepreneurs can make their own copy of the slides to create an editable version of any Tool.

External Resources

The external resources listed here have been vetted and curated by the Skysthelimit Program Team. These are some of our favorite, go-to websites and applications for entrepreneurship.

Please keep in mind: Although we try to include only free or very low-cost options and we update this list often, we cannot always guarantee accuracy because these tools are all created by third-parties.