Starting On Your Own

Traditional forms of raising funds is to get money from yourself and business. This comes in the form of personal savings and credit, pre-sales revenue from the first people who want to pay for what you’re selling, donations, or things of that sort.

It essentially means you are not borrowing from a third party yet. And even if you do end up borrowing money or raising money later, starting your business from your own money means that you keep all ownership and control of your business.


J’Dez Beauty

Refer back to bootstrapping, and start with what you have. You never want to waste time asking for money before you’re ready to use it. Latina entrepreneur, Jackie Hernandez, self-funded her own makeup line through careful planning and budgeting, so you don’t always have to rely on outside investors or loans.

Get up, dust yourself off and keep moving because success is built on lots of failures. If you’re scared of failing, you become the failure. Remember that everyone has a different definition of success so work on yours. Lastly, be patient, take your shot, and always move forward.
— Jackie Hernandez of J'Dez Beauty