As you’re looking to start your business, you’ll want to approach your your (ad)venture with a structured method. Our 40/40/20 Rule will help you allocate your time productively. Following our approach will help you get the most value out of your time so that you can start your business as effectively as possible!

40/40/20 Rule

We recommend you spend:

40% of your Time Improving your Offering

This is your time to think creatively and critically about about what makes your produce or service unique! Consider the problems you are solving for and why customers should pay for what you are offering.

Check out our comprehensive guides to developing your Product or Service.

40% of your Time Selling your Offering

Always be closing (well, for 40% of the time)! This is time for you to growing your business by expanding and improving your marketing and sales channel. Spend this time actively pursuing leads and reaching out to potential customers and partners.

Review our comprehensive guide to Marketing and Selling.

20% of your Time Developing your Strategy

Following our Lean Startup approach, the best way to start a business is to test your ideas quickly and methodically so that you can get constant feedback. Document and this feedback to develop and fine tune your business strategy.


Rinse and Repeat!

Entrepreneurship IS an iterative process, so never stop learning and developing.