A name is what comes out of customers’ mouth and what carries your brand across the stock markets and social media.


Your name is how a potential customer or sponsor is introduced to you, so make your first impression a memorable one!

Brand Traits Exercise

This simple exercise can will help you come up with branding attributes you want to be associated with your brand, so coming up with a name will be much easier.


sticky notes, a wall and group members

  1. Write all the adjectives and phrases you’d want to be used to describe your brand on the sticky notes

  2. Post all the post it notes on a wall

  3. Divide the wall into “Yes” or “No” categories

  4. Have one person begin sorting the post it notes into either “Yes” or “No”

  5. Ask group members to see if there are objections to discuss

  6. Have one person sort the “Yes” post it notes into groups of similar tones or messages

  7. Start by placing one sticky note to the side at a time, then group the sticky notes after that nearby if they are similar in tones, values, etc.

  8. Ask your group members to see if there have any objections to discuss

  9. Select less than 10 sticky notes that you want to define the your brand

  10. Rank them in order of relevance

Get your entire team involved so everyone understands the core values of your brand and so you can get as many perspectives as possible. There are no bad ideas, the more thought-provoking, the better!

Knowing the core characteristics for your brand will help you come up with a snazzy name that grabs attention. Use the link below to make sure that no other business has that name copyrighted or trademarked.