Marketing Messaging

Marketing messaging is a crucial part of starting your business because it’s how you are going to get your company or organization’s name in front of your customers. It’s ultimately driving you towards your sales. It involves taking steps to getting your business and brand to your customers, preferably in the most cost-effective and in the most impactful way possible. Think about what you want to say and how you want to reach your customers in the first place. Marketing materials can range from:

  • Content on your website

  • Emails that help you market your business or events

  • Traditional media: business cards, flyers, etc.

  • Really anything that generates attention for your brand!

So now that you’ve got a unique, customer-centric product or service, you can increase the chances of someone saying “yes” to buying from you by increasing the appeal of buying your product and by creating the idea that NOT buying your product will result in them losing out on a good opportunity through creative marketing.

Marketing Messaging to-do’s:

  1. Create a messaging matrix using the tool below so that you can speak to what matters to your different customer types and inspire them to buy!

  2. Research the 16 Ways to Sell and choose how you want to promote and sell your products or services

  3. Create marketing materials that fall in line with your brand (i.e. website, email marketing campaign, flyers, business cards, payment processor, etc.)

The following tool will help you refine the messaging that you want to use when promoting and getting the word out about your business. Then you can apply that messaging to your customers and marketing materials!