Skill & Business Licenses

If you’re confused about getting a business license, you’re not alone. Business licenses are just approval from your city, state, or country that lets your operate a business. Being properly licensed also allows you to complete taxes correctly, since the government uses licensing as a way to keep track of business revenue.


Team Thin Mints™

Did you know even the Girl Scouts need permits and business licenses to sell their treats? Getting a business license may involve a bit of a process, but they are required and come with many benefits for your business.

Business licenses are usually range from $50 to $400 each. Approval for applications can take anywhere from a couple days to multiple weeks. So display your licenses proudly, you may even be required to display them, actually!

Because business licenses can vary by city and state, check out your local city’s requirements and search “Business Licenses” to find applications for licenses. Some common business licenses include:

  • Business License -  general licenses issued by the local and state government for all businesses. These are two separate licenses. If you’re working in multiple states, be sure to know federal rules and rules for each state you’re operating in.

  • Home Occupation Permit - a license for businesses run out of a personal home. If your neighborhood is not zoned for home businesses, you might have to file for an exception.

  • Zoning Permit - sets guidelines on what businesses can operate in a certain areas. Residential zones, commercial zones, industrial zones, etc. all have different rules.

  • Sales Tax License - Most states have sales tax on top of goods and services that are sold, so you will likely have to attain a sales tax license unless your state does not have sales tax.

  • Seller’s Permit - allows you to buy wholesale goods from a manufacturer without paying sales tax. Buyers pay the sales tax when they buy the goods that you are reselling.

  • Federal Licenses - are specific to some categories of businesses that need permission from the federal government. Most small businesses don’t fall into these categories but double check!

  • Industry Specific Licenses - are required for health or professional services, like for restaurants to serve food and for lawyers to give legal advice