Legal Compliance



The last thing you’d want to do is start a business that’s accidentally operating outside of the law! If you’re starting a business or organization that works in one of the following industries:

  • Food & Drinks

  • Alcoholic Beverages

  • Explosives

  • Farming

  • Flying

  • Fish & Wildlife

  • Transportation & Shipping

  • Mining & Drilling

  • Radio & Television

  • Nuclear Energy

… then there’s a high chance that you will need some sort of permit or approval from the federal government. At the local and state level, there may be more specific requirements for permits, like for restaurants or retail vendors.

Most licenses and permits also cost a small fee to apply and to get, and they expire at some point, so know those costs when minding your budget and financials. At the same time, think about other aspects of regulatory compliance like what kind of business or organization you want to file as, any forms of insurance you’d want to use to protect your business, and any certifications you’d need to get to do your job.

Official License & Permit Finder Tool

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— Adda Birnir. CEO of SkillCrush