Prerequisite for this section: Business Mini-plan

Every successful business has one thing in common, and that’s loyal customers. While every company and organization has different types of customers and audiences, any person or organization who are willing to pay or invest for your products or services are potential customers! You have to deeply understand your customers so that you can build your business around your them.


So how do you find your customers?

By doing your homework!

Interview potential customers and gather information on what they need and how you can help. Your customers usually have lots of different options, so make your product or service stand out through targeted messaging that will make the customer feel like you are talking to them.


Case Study:

Here at, our “customers” are our entrepreneurs. We work with people between the ages of 18 and 29 years old. They’re usually working part-time or full-time or working full-time on their business idea, and some are in college - and some are a combination of all of these life situations! Over 90% of our entrepreneurs identify as Black, Latino, or Asian, and most of our entrepreneurs don’t have a lot of financial capital. As we build new tools and resources, it’s important that we know who we’re building them for so we can better help them pursue their dreams.

We decided that we wanted to build our brand to be about the very best customer service and the very best customer experience... Historically, our number-one growth driver has been from repeat customers and word of mouth.
— Tony Hsieh, Founder of Zappos