Welcome to The Pathway to Entrepreneurship!

We are so excited to join you on your journey and to provide the resources you need to successfully launch your venture, whether it be a business, non-profit, organization, or everything in between. As you begin the process of being an entrepreneur with SkystheLimit.org, you’ll follow the following steps:

  1. Signup through our Portal

  2. Create your Entrepreneur Profile

  3. Complete your Entrepreneur Orientation

  4. Complete your Launch4 Guide (for entrepreneurs still in the Plan phase)

  5. Utilize The Pathway to Entrepreneurship as you grow your business

  6. Recruit your support team by connecting with our community of volunteers and entrepreneurs like you!

  7. Get Funded by competing for a grant from our Friends & Family Fund

The Pathway Approach to Learning Entrepreneurial Skills

Our learning methodology is straightforward, but you might be overwhelmed by how much information there is. So let’s break it down…

The Pathway is our approach to teaching entrepreneurship and we encourage you to use The Pathway resources on your own as well as with our volunteer community of supporters! Within the Pathway there are:

  • SECTION ARTICLES that introduce and explain a business concept or ideas, think of this information as context for guides and tools you will encounter

  • GUIDES that explain how to do complete specific objectives like:

    • Launching a business

    • Starting a clothing company

    • Recruiting supporters

  • TOOLS that include interactive exercises, templates, and forms that walk YOU through a task. For example, we may provide a Google Form which breaks down a business plan into manageable questions and sends you your submissions via email to keep or to edit later, or we might offer an Customer Interview Form via Google Docs or Google Slides which you can download to edit on your own computer.

  • EXTERNAL RESOURCES that we believe will make life easier for you. These are resources created by other organizations that have been curated by our Program Team.

Our Methodology

As you use The Pathway to grow your business, it will be also be helpful to understand the Skysthelimit.org approach to entrepreneurship.

  • Growth Mindset allows entrepreneurs to approach challenges as opportunities

  • Lean methodology offers people with few resources to quickly ramp up their venture

  • Bootstrapping gives another perspective to “starting from scratch”

  • Focusing on one idea at a time is our vetted approach to entrepreneurship

  • 40/40/20 Rule will remind you to dedicate your time to activities that produce value