Hiring Your First Employee


So let’s say that you’ve got your star candidate to accept your offer to join the team after a rigorous selection process. Are you ready to hire employee… legally? Before you officially bring someone onto your team, there are specific information you need to legally prove that you’re an employer and to file tax and legal paperwork like potential termination forms.

To officially hire an employee, you will at least need to:

  1. Understand basic employment laws in your state and federal regulation relating to:

  2. Have an Employer Identification Number EIN

  3. File the correct taxes for yourself and for your employees

    • IRS form 941 quarterly for most small businesses

    • IRS form 944 quarterly for small businesses with expenses less than $1000

    • IRS form 940 yearly for all employers

    • W2 &W3 yearly for all and each employee and

    • Provide the employee with a copy of the W2 form so they can file their taxes