What are pre-sales?

A presale or pre-order is a targeted sale before your product actually goes live. You sell the idea of your course to a small portion of your audience BEFORE you've created all of your course content. It is a great way for businesses to spark interest about new products, plan for inventory management, and raise money for production.

How can you pre-sale your products or services?

Typically, you presell by setting up your sales page, discounting your course, and sending an email out to your list.

Presales allow you to create a course catered to your audience, work out any silly mistakes, and ensure that you’re selling the best product that you possibly can. Here are some guidelines for what steps you an take to run a successful presale for your business.

  1. Decide to presale

  2. Find your target customers

  3. Create your sample product or service

  4. Create a sales website

  5. Promote your pre sale to your target customers

  6. Collect feedback

  7. Respond to feedback

    • Improve your product

    • Launch your business

What are the advantages of pre-sales?

Pre sales reduces the possibility of failure cause it allows you to collect feedback to change and improve your produce. It also tells you information about how much your customers are willing to pay and may influence you to charge more with a better course for your fully priced launch. Pre-selling also speaks to demand.

What are the disadvantages of pre-sales?

On the flip side, if only a few people are interested and your idea does not seem profitable, you will need to refund them their money.