Finding Your Flow

If you consider your entire business to be a project (maybe the most important project of your life), than how are you managing your time and work for that project? This is what is common referred to as “project management” in business. Project management helps organize business processes to make workers more efficient. Your goal is to grow the business, and so the less time you spend on remembering when to pay your bills and the more time you spend on expanding partnerships or making new products is time you’re spending that will add value to your business.

Look at everything you need to do in order to run your business, and think about your daily schedule. What are you doing starting from when you wake up to when you go to bed? At 8 AM everyday, what are you doing? At 12 PM, what are you focusing on?

Next Steps:

  • Write down or a daily schedule for your time

  • List your most immediate concerns or priorities you need to address (i.e., cutting the cost of producing your product)

  • Find opportunities for automation (i.e., paying monthly bills and fees)

Technology can help you tremendously in this aspect. Check out the tool below for some popular project management apps and solutions you can use to manage your time and project company or organization. You can either print the slides or make your own online copy to reference later on.