Building Your Team

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When your business starts growing, you’ll find the need to also grow your team. How you go about recruiting and hiring your first employees is a more intricate process than it seems at first glance.

It’s worth having a plan on how to get the right people on your team. You have to understand what role(s) you’re trying to fill, recruit and find people for the role(s), then you have to train and on-board your new employees into your company or organization.

Before you start looking for new employees, ask yourself:

  1. Is there enough money to bring on and pay for the new employee(s)?

  2. Is there enough work for new employee(s) to do full-time, or can this be an intern or part-term position?

  3. Are the additional skills required from the new employee(s) truly necessary and fill gaps that current employees do not possess?

If all of the above are yes, don’t hesitate! A one (wo)man show can only last for so long, and the more you can focus on what you truly enjoy in your business, the less likely you are to get burned out!

And you’re not ever alone in the community. Whether you’re looking for advisers, co-founders, or people to join your team, reach out to our community for leads!