Traditional Ways To Sell

Billboards are an example of traditional marketing communication

Billboards are an example of traditional marketing communication

Traditional sales methods are the usual suspects when thinking about selling because they’ve been around longer than digital methods. It will be helpful to familiarize yourself with both kinds of methods, so you can mix and match practices to deliver the best results for your business.

These are our top 8 traditional sales methods:

  • Physical(Print) Ads

  • Speaking Engagements

  • Community Building

  • Trade Shows

  • Partnerships

  • Direct Sales & Affiliate Marketing

  • PR & Publicity

  • Events


  • There can be 2 kinds of partners: your personal connections who might be willing to tell their friends and family about your business; and existing businesses, clubs, nonprofits, organizations etc. who may be able to partner with you

  • Think about how your partners can help you and how you can help your partners. For example, if you are a caterer, you can partner with an event planner to cater at their events, then you can sell the event planner’s services to other customers who come to you for catering. Also, think about how you can put your products in someone else’s business, like getting restaurant to sell your t-shirts at their store.

Direct Sales & Affiliate Marketing

  • Make a list of people & businesses who you think want to purchase your product or service, and then go sell them on your idea in person or over the phone!

  • Start to think about how you can get “brand ambassadors” to market your business and “sales reps” to sell your products and services for you, maybe even on commission!

  • Also consider how you can sell your products to someone else’s business, like pitching your clothing line to Urban Outfitters.

PR & Publicity

  • Talk to people who are involved with TV news reporting, popular online blogs, newspapers or organizations with large communities who would be willing to feature your business or write a story about you.

  • The overall goal is to make you and your business better-known in the community.

Attend or Host Events

  • Consider how you can either go to other people’s events, or throw your own launch event, to show more people your business and your great products & services!

  • Find a list of events in your area, talk to event organizers about featuring your company at the event.

  • The goal here is to get more people aware of your business and make sales at the events.

Physical Ads

  • Think about where you see ads around your community - can you get an advertisement on a bus stop? The train? A bench? In the newspaper?

  • Make sure that wherever you advertise that your target customers will be able to see it - otherwise, you aren’t advertising to the right people!

Speaking Engagements

  • Where are your target customers going to events or meetings? Get out into the community and start speaking at their meetings and events.

  • Create an interesting talk to engage these audiences, tell them your story or educate them on how your business is helping people in the community.

Community Building

  • Build a loyal community! Host meetings or start engaging conversations on social media - show people how your business is active and helpful.

  • Your community will tell other people about your business - and “word-of-mouth” is the best way to get new customers.

Trade Shows

  • Meeting people face-to-face is a powerful way to communicate the benefits of your business.

  • Find a list of trade shows near you or around the country. Get a booth ready for your business so that you can go out and show the country how great your products and services are!