Ways to Sell Overview


The 50/50 Rule

Aiming for Continual Improvement

The best way to attract customers is to build what they want, but customer needs are always changing. So how do you stay relevant? A good way to stay on top of customer demands is to constantly work on your product or service at the same time as you try to sell it. Think of this as the 50/50 Rule. While you’re launching your business off the ground, spend 50 percent of your time trying to make your product or service better, and spend the other 50 percent of your time trying to sell it to your customers.

And as you develop your offering(s) for your customers, you will probably think about how to get actual sales. Depending on your product or service offering some sales methods may be more effective than others. We encourage you learn about our top 16 Ways to Sell to decide which methods are more likely get you the most sales.

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